2020 Vision - My Lady Garden

My Lady Garden is the fashionistas favourite florist and concept store, in Dalston, East London. As huge fans of the vibrant colour-ways and unusual designs, we chatted to Founder and Creative Director, Kai Kaimins, who spilled the beans on her top floral tips; why Lizzo is her dream client; and some, ahem, unusual Client requests!
  • We’d love to know about your journey so far, where you grew up and where you call home now? I'm originally from Melbourne, Australia - I grew up surrounded by Eastern European culture as my parents are both from Latvia! English was actually my second language, but I learnt it super early on! Since moving away, I have lived in London, New York, Portugal and back in Melbourne for a brief time. I call London home for sure! Although who knows where I'll end up in a few years time...! 
  • Can you tell us more about My Lady Garden and how you got into floristry? I always knew i'd end up doing something creative, and felt I needed to study to really get into a new career. I tried to choose something I already loved - I was really inspired by going to Columbia Road Flower Market on the weekend and suddenly had the idea to get into floristry! I studied a diploma in Classic Floral Design in London about four years ago, but it was super traditional and not very me at all! I decided on a whim I should do something creative and floristry seemed to tick all the boxes, and turns out i'm quite good! 
  • We adore your colour schemes, what are your inspirations?  I really love working with colour, and changing the palettes each week. I am inspired by loads, often I will be listening to groovy music and try to interpret that through colour! 
  • Who or what would be your dream Client/Job? Any crazy requests so far? Oooooh - One of my main goals is to create a floral landscape for a music video. Something super large scale, and really funky. I mean, if Lizzo asked me to do that i'd be pretty bloody thrilled. In terms of crazy requests, the funniest was to create a tablescape which incorporated dildos into the mix.... for a product launch!
  • Have you had to change your approach during this mad year? Yes! I've turned from an events studio to a flower / lifestyle shop! As well as flowers, I now sell beauty products, vases and lifestyle products as well as flowers for walk ins, and have a really busy flower delivery service across London too. All things that didn't exist for me pre COVID! 
  • What are the floral trends we should look out for? And do you have a current fave flower? Clashing colours, bright blue and hot pink pops look to be the trends of A/W 2020/21! Favourite flower at the moment are dyed carnations...such wacky colour waves! 
  • What are your dreams for My Lady Garden? A MLG Shop of my own (i'm currently in the front of a larger space with other shops), and a MLG DELI...Maybe a MLG Flower shop by day and bar at night... somehow integrating my love for food with flowers...! 
  • What tricks or tips of the trade are you willing to share? Keep your flowers in freshwater, cut on a 45 degree angle and re- snip them daily. Make sure any stems under the water do not have leaves to keep your flowers fresh for longer! 

Learn more about about My Lady Garden here