Made in Britain


Made in Britain

Quality is incredibly important to us.

Quality to us means beautiful looking garments that fit terrifically – lingerie so lovingly made that it makes your body and soul sing with joy! When it comes to manufacturing our luxurious designs we work with local experts. With our studio based in the rolling hills of West Wales, we are extremely proud that all our garments are made just around the corner here in Wales too. Choosing a local manufacturer was a no-brainer for us. South Wales was the home of British lingerie manufacturing for many years, prior to the migration to the Far East, and we’re lucky to have here on our doorstep highly experienced, skilled workers.

With our manufacturing local, we stay close to home when choosing our beautiful fabrics too. We spend a lot of time carefully sourcing these across Britain and Europe. Our current collections feature fine fabrics from just next door in England and over to our European neighbours in Italy and France. Not only do we want the very best looking fabrics, they have to be high performance too – our bras are hard working after all!

If you’d like more information about other locally sourced aspects of the brand, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

With love from Wales… Diolch!